Timberland: In My Element

What Keeps You In Your Element?

Your lifestyle, your personality, made complete with Timberland

A collection viewing of urban wear sported in ruggedly modern style, popular outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland presented its top season picks to the VIP public at Raven Boutique for their annually-awaited Fashion Show.

The event breeched fashion standards, introducing as well a core value of the brand - its emphasis on the variety of contemporary lifestyles: its newest global campaign entitled #InMyElement.

To further push the campaign, Timberland had hand-picked four MarkMakers they deemed best fit for the personality of their brand's flexibility and integrity. Among these Timberland MarkMakers were Nico Ramos, Shaira Luna, Suki Salvador and Victor Aliwalas.

2014 Timberland Mark-Makers and Timberland CEO and Brand Manager on stage

(L-R) Nico Ramos, Roger Py, Shaira Luna, Suki Salvador, Victor Aliwalas, Oliver Castro

Audience members also had the chance to take a peek into the lives of each MarkMaker during the show; what happens in their daily grind, what inspires them and what keeps them going for the unchartered days and territories they have yet to conquer.

The entire collection featured classic cuts and rugged yet breathable wear, an encapsulation of Timberland’s timeless heritage aesthetic that has endured decades of generations.


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