Power Mac Center: The First, Now The Biggest

The Rebirth of a Universe

Launching full-throttle with Power Mac Center

SM Megamall's CyberZone was quickly filling with people one early Friday morning as crowds waited in anticipation, keen to finally witness a long-awaited celebration: the "rebirth of a universe"... the Power Mac Center universe; the regeneration of the first ever Power Mac Store into its biggest yet.

Excitement was stirring among guests as they arrived to see a whole store cloaked completely in cloth, suspenseful music blaring from the speakers. A play of lights hyping a real-time countdown launch flashing on the screens virtually simulated to the audience an approaching intergalactic adventure.

To add to the cosmic event, a life-size 3D Tardis came to life! Dr. Who fans were thrilled, taking photos with the Tardis, being invited to turn time with Power Mac Center.

The venue was bustling with people, ecstatic to see what the final launch would bring. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, the mood shifting drastically. A 60-second countdown began, guests loudly chanting the seconds until zero. Anticipation was building in the atmosphere - the final launch was nearing!

“3, 2, 1... 0!”

The grey cloth surrounding the store dropped dramatically, revealing Power Mac Center’s newest and biggest surprise yet – a brand-new store made larger and brighter, ready for the future... the first, now the biggest!

Guests entered its open doors in awe, greeted by the store's larger interiors, its new Authorized Service Provider area, and warm, welcoming staff.

Smiles all around!

Power Mac Center constantly prioritizing excellent customer service

Aside from delicious appetizers by Cibo, free gelato from Bono, and live beatboxing entertainment, all guests were granted the exclusive shopping privilege of a 15% discount on ANY item that day. Even Power Mac's Celebrity Brand Ambassadors couldn't pass up on this once-in-a-lifetime event; The Teng Brothers Jeron and Jeric, Matsunaga siblings Daniel and Vanessa, and couple Robi Domingo and Gretchen Ho were only six of the many celebrity faces spotted that day.

The Matsunaga family

Brand Ambassadors testing out the newly-opened Authorized Service Provider area

Overflowing support for Power Mac Center's biggest feat yet

"It may not look like it but I sure am glad I'm taking advantage of this discount"

The event ended on the same note it started on - high, happy and celebratory. Many came to support this noteworthy occasion, and Power Mac Center made sure to thank their loyal supporters as best as they could. Cheers to Power Mac Center!


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