The Annual Educators' Congress

Uniting for the love of education

Many of the country's best educators and speakers came together to listen, share, teach and learn about improving education for all at Rex's two-day conference last October 15-16, entitled AECON, The Annual Educators' Congress 2015, subtitled: Integrating 21st Century Literacies in the Curriculum.

AECON 2015: Several guests bound for one reason: the power of education

This year, Rex Bookstore hosted this year's AECON at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, accomodating over 600 participants from all over the nation. The Annual Educators Congress gathers school heads and teachers nationwide, with the goal of continuously improving education for our Filipino students. Reputable speakers from across the country and globe are invited to share their expertise, even having notable representatives from educational institutions of the Philippines providing a government perspective on such matters.

Upon registering, guests were greeted by a hallway of Basic Education and K-12 display booths, making available the opportunity for anyone to browse through the many supplementary materials provided by Rex Book Store. The Rex "Para sa Bata" Pledge Wall also encouraged guests to post their pledges for the children, handwritten on hand-shaped paper notes, as a symbol of the advocacy and unity involved in the endeavor.

Educational books for all levels of Basic Education available for perusing

Rex has gone Digital!

One pledge can make all the difference

The set-up was unlike any mundane, typical conference venue, comfortable, beautiful and conducive all at the same time - the Sofitel Plaza's ballrooms were transformed to replicate a distinguished event, well-lit by grand chandeliers, with a red and white table-chair scheme. Food & refreshment stations were available at every corner, a large stage with striking lights claiming center focus at front.

Festive, bright and vibrant

An intricately-designed stage showing off Rex's statement colors: blue, yellow, red and white

With the recurring Rex theme in mind, the program began with a choir of angelic voices by the Mandaluyong Children's Choir, singing the Para sa Bata anthem.

Starting the program with a reminder of what the event is truly about

The conference transpired for two days, bringing forth an informative symposium on the whats and hows of the Digital Age and its capability in improving today's educational methods and curriculum.

Department of Education’s Assistant Secretary Elvin Uy was also there to give a talk about K-12 and 21st Century Skills in the Philippines, heading as well an open forum with some of the school heads present.

Mr. Elvin Uy representing DepEd as Assistant Secretary

Michael Fisher and Rita Atienza were two of the main speakers of this year's congress, both possessing impressive global credentials in the field of teaching and education, discussing the possibilities of modernizing instruction and curricula with immersive technology, as well as contextualization in the Philippine setting. Honey De Peralta, Rex Digital representative, also gave a thorough introduction on the use of Schoology, an online educational app.

Positive and high-spirited Mr. Fisher opening many eyes, minds and hearts for two days

Rita Atienza discussing how to improve curriculum in today's setting

Honey De Peralta encouraging the use of digital means, specifically Schoology, in teaching

The program was both smooth and well-coordinated, each speaker given ample time and visual aids to assist the audience in better understanding all the topics presented. A plenary workshop was also initiated, giving participants a more hands-on, implementative experience to concretely sum up their learnings.

Michael Fisher providing assistance to anyone in need

At the end of the two-day conference, Rex Bookstore, along with the country's best educators, left with a fuller mind and pair of hands, carrying with them eye-opening knowledge and new methods aimed for the betterment and progression of Philippine education.

The Rex Team singing "Para sa Bata" all together!


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