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Beauty spoken through Lupi's designs

Bathrooms are highly considered to be as one of, if not the most sacred place in one’s abode. No matter how big, small, lavish or shabby-looking a bathroom is, it is ultimately designed for a unified purpose – to serve as a private haven where one could strip off his daily inhibitions, be it literally and figuratively.

The Tile Gallery, a leading purveyor of bathroom fixtures in the Metro in collaboration with Antonio Lupi – a top-of-the-line Italian company heralded for its exquisite bathroom furniture designs – had its exclusive launching of the brand’s collection last November 5th at The Tile Gallery’s Makati showroom.

Marrying sophistication and substance

Modern, unique, sophisticated

An intimate set-up for a select number of exclusive guests

An arrangement of vibrant colors

It was an evening filled with cocktails and good ole camaraderie as the invited architects and friends from the press gazed on the Italian brand’s collection renowned for its detail-oriented designs and finishes. Among the materials used in crafting the furniture were marble, ceramic, wood and other eclectic pieces.

Check out the AntonioLupi Collection Exhibit below:

The modestly intimate setting provided by the neighboring cocktail tables were filled with delectable hors d’oeuvres – from bite-sized pieces of the country’s very own Adobo Profiteroles to the symbolic Italian Bruschetta. Adding harmony to the cozy ambiance of the event was the carefully curated jazz playlist which served as the backdrop to the melodious laughter of the guests conversing with each other over good wine.

White wine chilled to perfection

Among the delicious appetizers served by Florabel: Roasted John Dory Fish Wrapped in Smoked Bacon

A gathering of some of the country's best architects and designers

As a celebration of one of the collection’s innovative features – lighted sinks and mirrors – guests were also treated to a visual feast by the stationed technicolored LED Par lights inside and outside the venue.

In culmination of the event’s rationale, Mr. Kenneth Hing, The Tile Gallery’s general manager welcomed and thanked everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules to take part of this promising venture. Also showing gratitude to the tremendous support given by everyone was the driving force behind Antonio Lupi himself; Mr. Andrea Lupi, the CEO and the son of the late founder Antonio Lupi. After countless exchanges of praise for each other’s work, then came the final toast to end the night on a high note.

AntonioLupi representatives sharing a toast with Mr. Kenneth Hing, General Manager of The Tile Gallery

AntonioLupi Export Manager sharing the Lupi story

As the night came to an end and the guests gradually departed the showroom, there stood the Antonio Lupi collection, basking in its all-illuminating glory and ready to take on its next home.


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