Sobremesa by Chef Benjo Tuason

The Recipe for Happiness

Good food, drinks, company and conversation - what more can one ask for?

What better way is there to spend your day than by enjoying delicious, flavourful meals, paired with good company, all basking in the best conversations?

This is exactly what Sobremesa believes in. Taking this dining philosophy to greater heights, Chef Benjo Tuason and his team celebrated the Grand Opening of Sobremesa, Chef Benjo Tuason's newest Latin American and Filipino-inspired culinary endeavor, last Thursday, February 4.

Bringing South America’s distinct, palatable flavors into our home region, merging boldness with the comfort only Filipino food can evoke, Chef Benjo Tuason has created exciting, unique dishes brimming with personality, passion and unforgettable taste, perfect for appeasing today's adventurous foodies.

He ensures that his passion is communicated best on a plate; therefore making his fusion cuisine the ultimate star of Sobremesa.

Start your meal with a local favorite: Calamari Salad, served differently, on a bed of greens, fire roasted peppers, salted egg and mango viniagrette

One of Sobremesa's best-sellers: their Spiced Roasted Chicken, a Peruvian classic, juicy chicken flavored with bold spices, red pepper sauce and a cool garlic yoghurt dip

Many can't resist the Sobremesa Barako Coffee-Crusted Rib-Eye Steak, a favorite main entree served with chimichurri sauce and locally-sourced Baguio beans and sweet potatoes

A family recipe definitely worth sharing is Chef Benjo's Bulalo Estofado: an interesting twist on the well-known Bulalo - served ala sweet and salty, slowly-braised to tender perfection

Looking for a lighter alternative? Try out the Grilled Blue Marlin Fillet, served on top of a White Bean and Chorizo Stew, with the distinct Filipino combination of soy sauce and calamansi, made into a reduction

We all know there's always room for dessert! Indulge in a Salted Caramel and Banana Cheesecake after your meal.

Why not enjoy a refreshing blended Mojito after work with your colleagues? Their cocktails also stand as a signature selling point of the restaurant

Located at the heart of business district Ortigas, Sobremesa caters to groups of friends, co-workers, families both large or small, looking for quality food at any time of the day. But more than just the food, Chef Benjo Tuason also prioritizes every diner's experience, providing an inviting, enjoyable aura to the restaurant.

“Prepare with care, cook with love, [and] serve with pride,” is Chef Benjo's food philosophy, eminent in his sincere smile towards his guests

The Sobremesa ambience recreates a comfortable, intimate and relaxed atmosphere, almost reminiscent of one’s home sweet home. And at last, this home has formally opened its front doors to the public.

Last February 4's Press Launch at Sapphire Bloc hosted an intimate dinner for friends, special guests, media and press, serving Sobremesa's signature dishes and cocktails over an evening of mingling and lively banter.

A unique Sobremesa gimmick: Phone Cages on every table, encouraging an immersive dining experience free from all technological distractions

The night began with a warm, cheery welcome from Chef Benjo himself, immediately setting the night on casual and light mood, sowing a personal and sincere get-together.

The pride and joy of Chef Benjo: food that speaks for itself, in its flavor, presentation and creativity

Chef Benjo also proudly introduced to the hungry audience his best-selling dishes, his personal journey with food, and his culinary philosophies.

Aside from bonding over food and conversation, guests also had fun posting their own foodie shots online, with the hashtags #SobremesaPH and #DeliciousConversations, showcasing to the cyberspace world Sobremesa's homey interiors, picteresque dishes, and animated guests. Even a mini-game of foodie True or False called "True or Fork" also got the crowd into some friendly interactive competition.

At the end of the night, everyone went home with personalized Sobremesa coustics giveaways, but more importantly, with happy smiles, happier tummies, but the happiest hearts.

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