PTT: Code Blue Activate

Innovation Activated

Blue has never looked this good

On the same week that signalled the start of the scorching summer season came an event in the form of PTT Philippines’ Code Blue: Activate. A relaunching of their Blue Innovation technology, it was as electrifying as it was hotly anticipated.

Valkyrie at the Palace was transformed into the Tron galaxy's digital realm

The esteemed guests ranged from members of the press to the officials of PTT’s Thai management for the momentous occasion. Each one coming for one unified purpose — to witness firsthand the fuel company's foray into technological excellence.

PTT officials and media guests all settled in and ready for a virtual reality journey

The event was heavily inspired by Disney’s 1982 sci-fi classic film, Tron — with the venue, Valkyrie at the Palace, being transformed into a software-like dimension dominated by blue-hued LED lights and pixel graphics. From the thematic car display at the facade to the historical timeline floor and to the control center aka the club area, everything was designed to give guests the closest technological simulation as possible.

The official PTT car bearing a formidable display for the spectators at the venue's facade

The timeline floor brought everyone to a trip down PTT's memory lane with every step

Kicking things off and donning their signature laser outfits, the Manila Tron Dancers delivered a feast for all the senses under the accompaniment of sick, electronic beats.

The Manila Tron Dancers heightened the visual spectacle in the venue with their futuristic dance outfits

Advancing the already sky-high momentum, dance authorities G-Force Angels took the stage by storm as soon as the Tron dancers finished their routine.

The G-Force Angels brought the house down as always with their feverishly kinetic dance moves

In true Tron fashion, the program strayed away from the usual practice of a live host and instead, opted for a pixel-perfect virtual host in the form of uprising digital personality, Janeena Chan.

Janeena Chan, the night's virtual reality host coming to life

PTT officials and representatives took the time to discuss the fuel's technology and efficiency through an in-depth visual presentation, leaving no room for ambiguity and providing the guests a closer look at the art of how this innovation came to life. Then came the concluding rites from the top executives and the commencement of the after-party.

A toast for innovation and fuel efficiency featuring the PTT officials from Thailand

Filipino motorists are quite known to be the fervent ones when it comes to taking proper care of their vehicles. This quality is far from strange nor is it worthy of being sneered at. After all, it is with hard-earned money that one is able to afford such luxury not shared by many. Given this, it is only natural for the Filipino driver to strive in getting the most bang for his buck under any given circumstances — and PTT Philippines’ latest reimagining of their Blue Innovation technology is the perfect appendage to these practical yet sensible qualities.

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