BARE: Lay Bare's 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Laying it Bare

Lay Bare's Electrifying 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

BARE ambassadors Karen Reyes, Elisse Joson, Janeena Chan and Kaila Estrada

There is no way around it: different methods to achieve excellent skin care service – in all its myriad of forms and variations – are all the rage nowadays, with the rush of cutting-edge technology giving way to new breakthroughs each passing day. Amidst these daily developments, an elite few are fortunate enough to be able to stand the test of time while the rest continue to prove to be nothing but mere flash-in-the-pans.

And on the dusky night of June 9th, Lay Bare Waxing Salon – the country’s pioneering and leading unwanted hair removal specialist – climbed its way atop the industry’s upper ladder, celebrating a staggering 10 years of affordable hair removal service Filipinos have come to know and trust.

Lay Bare's 3D logo installation was a sight to behold as it was bathed in different colors

Aptly titled as “B.A.R.E: Bringing A Revolutionary Experience”, the celebration – in collaboration with the Philippines’ best fashion magazine’s digital companion – featured the individuals and services that have long contributed to the salon’s decade-long milestone, while putting the spotlight on its branch and BARE ambassadors who represent the Lay Bare brand at its fullest core.

Held at one of the country’s most prominent hotspots, The Palace Pool Club, the guests – from trusted patrons, fashion savants to media personalities – all decked out in their pristine and snowy-white ensembles, drifted onto the venue with fevered anticipation, unknowingly creating a sea of white in a matter of minutes.

The guests were treated to a pampering session that included Lay Bare's skin and beauty products

The program, headed by event and radio host Jazmin Reyes, started on an exclamatory note, all thanks to her frothy and mega-watt personality that instantly lit up the stage the minute she stepped on it. Shortly after, she was joined by one of Lay Bare’s founders Ms. Fiona Hilario who, along with her team in mind, voiced out her immense gratitude to those who have helped the waxing salon reach its first decade of a milestone. In it she also talked about the brand’s expansion to both local and international territories, foray into skin care products and their timely partnership with in this age where the digital terrain is at its strongest.

Host Jazmin Reyes welcoming everyone to the ten-year anniversary celebration

Setting all the chatter and formalities aside, then came the ceremonious reveal of the waxing salon’s branch ambassadors. Six women from the field of television, radio, music and social media and at the prime of their careers: Vernice Enciso, Andrea Enciso, Mikee Quintos, Ice Martinez Via Antonio and Riza Diaz. Each of them graced the runway, armed with an undeniable set of killer looks and infectious personalities.

With the celebration’s momentum reaching fever pitch, so was the crowd’s visibly facial clamorings for the BARE ambassadors’ reveal. Shedding off inhibitions and laying all things bare, the four modern muses sauntered onto the runway one by one, clad in their bronzen Banggo Niu silk ensembles.

Representing beauty, the first of four qualities in the titular term, uprising fashion model Kaila Estrada strutted the runway with her angelic demeanor to a much rapturous applause.

Beauty ambassador Kaila Estrada flashing an infectious smile as she took the runway

One of the country’s top digital influencers Janeena Chan, chosen as the personification of the quality of affluence, then proceeded to walk the runway with such finesse, showing that she isn’t branded as a multi-hyphenate star for no reason.

Ambassador for Affluence Janeena Chan posing for the cameras in her Banggo Niu ensemble

Risk-taker Elisse Joson, a fresh-faced ingénue who currently stars in the viral McDonald’s ad – one that has amassed over 8 million views at press time – continued to embrace change by shying away from her introverted image and darting onto the runway with such striking confidence.

The personification of a Risk-Taker, Elisse Joson shows the crowd why she's here to stay

The final ambassador – reality star, TV actress and the embodiment of empowerment Karen Reyes, took the runway by storm; in a demeanor that showed much of the censure she gets from her online detractors doesn’t seem to faze her one bit.

Ambassador for Empowerment Karen Reyes showing her graceful demeanor as she took the stage

Fab Four: Kaila Estrada, Janeena Chan, Karen Reyes & Elisse Joson stun in their cover

The BARE and Branch Ambassadors together with Lay Bare executives for the celebratory toast

As four of the muses gathered for one final walk, they were quickly joined by the branch ambassadors and Lay Bare’s founders for the final curtain call. Soon, as the glasses were raised and clinked against another, the gleaming confetti streamers shot upward the night sky, signalling the conclusion of Lay Bare’s 10th year anniversary celebration.

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