The Davines Creative Style Academy: The Ultimate Exposure

Greatness Exposed

The Davines Creative Style Academy Graduation Ceremony

This eye-popping color and precisely cut creation was one of the night's early favorites

Each year, Davines Philippines opens its doors to the country’s aspiring hairdressers through the Davines Creative Style Academy.

A learning academy where stylists’ skills and professionalism are uplifted and cultivated with the help of international educators from top-tier education groups, the Creative Style Academy prides itself in developing the talents of the country’s most promising hairdressers.

And on the 5th of August, the Creative Style Academy held its graduation ceremony for this year’s latest batch of outstanding hairdressing talents. Titled as The Ultimate Exposure, the ceremony also marked the collaboration between two power sets in the industry of fashion and beauty — Davines and

After going through a meticulous workshop process, the main highlight of the night saw 28 of these newly minted hairdressers take the stage to receive their hard-earned certificates and showcase the mastery of their craft.

Final touches were granted to each graduate before the models strutted the runway for the final look

The presentation was divided into two segments reflective of the glitz and the glamor of today’s generation — The Paparazzi and The Generational Selfie. Two cultural crazes that define our technology-driven generation and much like our obsession with multi-colored hairstyles, will never go out of style.

Each graduate took the time in putting their final touches on their beloved creations

During the presentation, each graduate had the opportunity to share with host Cerah Hernandez about the inspiration behind every single cut and color of their creations. Some of the highlights that stood out were skyline-inspired hairstyles, architectural-influenced ensembles and possibly the most timely of all, nature-driven pieces that deeply resonated with every audience member.

The model shows off a creation of a great mix of balanced volume and multi-hued strokes

With so much nuanced and politically-charged statement pieces, judging definitely wasn’t an easy task to accomplish — a wonderful predicament why Davines Philippines had four experts in the field of hair, beauty and fashion take the lead in determining 5 of the night’s best creations. The roster of judges included: Vice President for Print and Magazine Business of One Mega Group Suki Salvador, Managing Editor for Mega Magazine Sarah Santiago and internationally renowned Allilon Education directors based in the UK, Johnny Othona and Harriet Blackburn.

The models commanding the runway while in their Allilon-curated looks

An aura of a futuristic world was coupled with glacial music and the models' eclectic looks

Allilon's Johnny Othona giving an incisive presentation about different methods of cut and styling

After a thorough deliberation between the night’s four judges — and an incisive presentation by Johnny Othona and Harriet Blackburn in which they’ve discussed different hairstyling and coloring methods — the Top 5, each automatically qualifying to compete at the international Davines World Wide Hair Tour, were finally revealed and lo and behold, each winning piece was as eclectic as the varying themes presented earlier on.

(L-R) Host Cerah Hernandez, One Mega Group's Sarah Santiago and Suki Salvador, Davines Marketing Manager Mia Macapagal, Allilon Directors Johnny Othona and Harriet Blackburn, Davines Managing Director Armand Valencia and Davines Marketing Director Audra Lucero-Garcia

The night ended on a very positive note, a fitting parallelism for the certainly bright future of the newest graduates after having entrusted their education at the expertise and care of The Davines Creative Style Academy.

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