Rustan's 65th: The Many Facets of Glecy R. Tantoco

65 Years of a Retail Icon

The Many Facets of Glecy R. Tantoco: Retail Extraordinaire

The official emblem of Rustan's 65th anniversary exhibit, 'The Many Facets of Glecy R. Tantoco: Retail Extraordinaire'

The country's preeminent luxury retailing giant, Rustan's, has long been a revered shopping destination for all discerning shoppers with delectable tastes. Spanning six decades of history and legacy, the celebrated department store has without a doubt redefined the Filipinos' mere idea of shopping into an art form; a cultural tradition mirroring every decade's prevailing trends, moods, and tastes.

On the 14th of September, on the eve of kicking off its string of its 65th anniversary festivities, Rustan Group of Companies paid tribute to the visionary and enduring inspiration behind its prestigious retail empire — Glecy R. Tantoco. An exhibit, entitled The Many Facets of Glecy R. Tantoco: Retail Extraordinaire, chronicled Rustan's early beginnings as a living room-set store into one of the world's most beloved luxury department stores.

Each pillar of the exhibit displayed personal tokens and distinctions of Rustan's illustrious founders

Displaying Glecy's personal mementos and a collection of never-before-seen tokens, the exhibit weaved a portrait-like narrative that captured the Rustan foundress at her most intimate, most personal, and most extraordinary.

Rustan's prized collection of locally made handicrafts and its award-winning window displays

The only surviving ticket of the Lanvin 1975 Summer Couture Collection show

A pillar showing Rustan's achievements as the country's first licensed international brand retailer in the country under Glecy R. Tantoco's vision and leadership

Following its opening night at the Rustan's flagship store in Makati City, the exhibit traveled to Shangri-La Plaza and the Gateway Mall where the public was able to witness Glecy R. Tantoco's accolades and achievements.

Along with her husband, Rustan patriarch Ambassador Bienvenido Tantoco, Sr., the exhibit offered guests and the public a rare look into the lives and minds of one of the country's most influential figures and clans.

All images © 2017 Rustan Group of Companies

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