The Dessert Museum Launch: Lollipop: Bring on Your True Color!

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The Dessert Museum's Sugary Arrival

Sweet and slick: The Dessert Museum is Asia's first eat-as-you-play museum where you can enter through a slide

Scrumptious, tasty, and oh so delectable! Pastries and desserts have crowded our fantasies for the shortest moments of boredom and delay. Our childhood reveries filled with wonderlands of ginormous confections, all beyond reach, until today. The arrival of The Dessert Museum, Asia’s first-ever eat-and-play museum, welcomed sweet-tooths for a taste of pleasure, to their 8 rooms replete with doughnuts, marshmallows, cotton candy, peppermint, cake pops, ice cream, bubblegum, and gummy bears, with a satisfying grand launch in S'Maison Mall on February 3, 2018.

The lobby lights up with all eyes fixated on the doughnut shaped hole on the wall

It’s raining sugar-filled dough in the first of many rooms of The Dessert Museum

The selfie savvy influencers take a delightful dip in the colorful bathtubs full of candy-colored goodies

VVIPs, top influencers, and members of the media promptly arrived at the venue to get a glimpse of the much-awaited sweet sensation. Pastel tables adorned the room for that candied touch, and a cotton candy cart was a show-stopper, conjuring characters from unicorns to flowers out of brightly colored floss.

A table housing an elegant display of pasta and refreshments glowed for that savory contrast before plunging into endless succulence. Topping it all off was a golden carriage by Aperitif PH with pastry concoctions, sophisticatedly designed as a treat for all senses.

An elegant display by AperitifPH featured intricately designed confections that illuminated a golden carriage

Pink and teal peppermint delights make up a forest for both naughty and nice

Fountains of chocolate, strawberry, and caramel oozing profusely in the marshmallow room

The launch revolved around the theme “LolliPop! Bring Out Your True Color!” as a testament to Millennial Pop Culture and its marriage to our childlike wonder.

The event began with warm greetings made by the ever bubbly Janeena Chan, animatingly engaging the crowd. To formally welcome the guests, Nikko Joseph Que, founding partner of The Dessert Museum, took the stage to deliver his opening speech.

Singer and songwriter Reese Lansangan enveloping herself in a bubble of popping good fun

Your beary best friends in the Gummy Bear Room come in great sizes for the best hugs

The Dessert Museum's colorful and eye-popping facade sure to catch the attention of selfie and dessert lovers everywhere

Culminating the launch was a ceremonious balloon popping to signify that the museum has officially opened its doors. As the curtain fell, the brightly-lit lobby was revealed, and the guests were then greeted by The Dessert Museum staff aptly dressed in pink and smiles. Afterwards, the invitees’ sweet-tastic journey had commenced. Batch by batch, they slid through the sweet-tastic doughnut room, entering a continuously unfolding delicious experience.

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