The Dessert Museum Launch: Lollipop: Bring on Your True Color!

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The Dessert Museum's Sugary Arrival

Sweet and slick: The Dessert Museum is Asia's first eat-as-you-play museum where you can enter through a slide

Scrumptious, tasty, and oh so delectable! Pastries and desserts have crowded our fantasies for the shortest moments of boredom and delay. Our childhood reveries filled with wonderlands of ginormous confections, all beyond reach, until today. The arrival of The Dessert Museum, Asia’s first-ever eat-and-play museum, welcomed sweet-tooths for a taste of pleasure, to their 8 rooms replete with doughnuts, marshmallows, cotton candy, peppermint, cake pops, ice cream, bubblegum, and gummy bears, with a satisfying grand launch in S'Maison Mall on February 3, 2018.