Bridging Stories of Women Empowerment: I Am Lustrous: Hear Her Story

Take a look at the intimate dinner that premiered the launch of Lustrous' video campaign

BYS' Chief Creative Designer for Lustrous, Nadine Lustre at the intimate dinner

Lustrous, a makeup brand collaboration of BYS and Nadine Lustre, takes a step towards shedding a light on the issue of mental health and women empowerment through the power of social media. The newest video campaign of Lustrous is titled, I Am Lustrous: Hear Her Story, bringing 12 women together from different industries (fashion, beauty, society, entertainment, music, business, politics and television) telling their stories, experiences, and advocacies in dealing with depression and promoting mental health awareness.

The media personalities who have joined the campaign are Sari Yap, Kiana Valenciano, Bianca Valerio, Gretchen Fullido, Abby Asistio, Vern Enciso, Michelle Asence-Fontelera, G3 San Diego, Vivoree Escolito, Luz Bagalacsa and the face behind Lustrous who led this video campaign, Nadine Lustre.

Artist Vivoree Esclito and musician Luz Bagalacsa with Lady Lustrous, Nadine Lustre

A photo of entertainment reporter Gretchen Fullido, advocate Jerika Ejercito and host Bianca Valerio

Moreover, to celebrate the 6th year of BYS here in the Philippines, an intimate dinner celebration was held to view the premiere launch of the omnibus video for this campaign. Social media went abuzz with photos of an elegant white tablespace and candid shots of the happenings that evening.

Media personalities and artist Abby Asistio witnesses the premiere of the video campaign

Content creators Pauline Suarez and Chelsey Singson opens their Lustrous Limited Edition boxes

The celebratory dinner gathered the 12 women who participated in the campaign, media and key top-level executives. It started with a speech of gratitude from the CEO of Iface, Mr. Tony Chua and a celebratory toast that was proceeded with the highlight of the evening – the viewing of the video campaign’s omnibus video. Tears and applause filled the room towards the end of the premiere viewing as everyone heard and saw the personal stories of these empowered women.

CEO of Iface, Tony Chua, starts the night with a speech of gratitude

A snapshot of BYS Principal and CEO of Iface Tony Chua with Nadine Lustre

Photo of the key executives of Iface together with Bianca Valerio, BYS ambassador Kiana Valenciano and Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2018 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez

Moreover, the rest of the evening was mainly dedicated for connecting with each other and also serves as an eye-opener towards each woman’s experience in dealing with this struggle in their life.

All the women who took part in this video campaign have been very vocal about mental health and women empowerment and have freely shared their stories and experiences to draw attention to the importance of taking care of oneself.

The 12 women who participated in the video campaign together with the top-level executives who made this campaign possible

For individuals who think they may have depression or an anxiety disorder, contact one of the national hotlines dedicated to provide help for those with mental health concerns. Call the HOPELINE Project at (02) 804-HOPE (4673), 0917 558 HOPE (4673) and 2919 (toll-free number for all Globe and TM subscribers).

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